Best sushi restaurant in Fort Worth, TX!


Who wants some good fresh sushi? ME! ME! ME! ME! I used to work at this awesome sushi restaurant named MK’s Sushi in Fort Worth, Texas before I moved to Waco. Man, I miss that place! Miss the food, especially with 30% employee discount (Hehe), miss the people I work with, and foremost, miss the money I made! Not many people actually love to eat at their workplace, but not me. Let’s talk about this scrumptious plate I got. Starts from the top left: Wasabi caviar, black caviar, conch, squid, and octopus sushi. On the right is yellowtail roll with fresh jalapeno added. I am the kind of person who like to adventure with my food, can you tell from this plate? I love the painful kick of wasabi crawling from nose to the brain. I remember someone once said wasabi cured her all day migraine. I always wonder if someone could actually die from wasabi heart attack. I enjoy wasabi caviar as much as black one. The tiny eeny individual caviar bursts this salty and sea-y flavor against the goodness of rice and seaweed. Oh no! I’m drooling now! Most people probably consider conch as one of the bizarre foods. Well guys, it doesn’t taste as bizarre as it looks. It has this crunchiness and slightly saltiness with NO fishy/shell-fishy taste whatsoever. Now, squid is totally a different story. It’s a bit chewy and slimy but still has great fresh taste. Octopus is my old time favorite. Most of Japanese restaurant normally serve it cooked. Texture-wise, it’s a hair chewy but still has a crunchiness with clean taste. I don’t understand why sushi restaurants like to use pickled jalapeno instead of fresh ones. For one, it’s more expensive specially here in Texas, fresh jalapeno is very easy finding in every grocery store and they’re very affordable (around 16 cents per pound.) As you see, I like fresh jalapeno with my sushi and/or rolls. It gives a great texture against the buttery yellowtail and tender rice. So folks, without further ado… I will end this post and highly recommend MK’s Sushi!

p.s. Please read my Yelp! review for this restaurant.

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