Best thing I’ve ever had!

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I want to give a big thank you to Creminelli for inventing the best Salami EVER… MUSICA Salami. I was introduced to this product few years ago at Central Market (Southlake, Texas location.) After being a loyal consumer for about a year, I was in shock to hear that it wasn’t being produced anymore since it was a seasonal item. Broke my heart. Seriously. Two years passed by… Still no Musica salami. Went to their website and contacted them, the lady said she wasn’t sure if the salami-man will make anymore Musica. My heart tore into pieces. I did my research here and there and finally I found the last 2 pieces at igourmet. I was literally jumping up and down. Between then and now, I’ve purchased at least 6 pieces of this baby. It is available now at Creminelli website, but only for limited time 😦

I don’t know how to describe the flavor in words… All I know is, it’s different than any other salami because it contains pork liver and cloves. I like my salami thinly sliced. My man always keep our 8 inches chef knife super sharp to make my life easier. I love you, Babe! Pork liver gives it a distinct livery flavor that I love with enough amount of cloves. Once it’s sliced, you can see a lovely and delightful fat marble. Mmmm… I am picturing myself having a slice (or two, or three, or… a LOT) now. Melt in my mouth… That livery taste is lingering my palate. I told my man that Musica Salami will be the last thing I want to eat before I die. Hard core huh!? It’s THAT good.

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