Fair Food Fiesta!


Who doesn’t love eating fair foods? Well, whoever you are, you are missing out some of the good stuff and maybe you’re healthier than us who love fair foods. Just maybe… Two of MUST have fair food for me are the great smoked Turkey Legs and the old-timer corn dogs. It’s not easy to find great turkey legs and one day, I will start making them. I know couple places that have a no kidding GREAT turkey legs: The Big Bib (San Antonio, TX) and BBQ Heaven (Austin, TX). I also know a place that has a DISGUSTING turkey legs and sadly it’s here where I live: Hull’s Concessions on Brazos Night Fourth of July Celebration. What I think of a good turkey legs is when they’re ABSOLUTELY smell heavenly, moist, season well from skin to the bone and yep! The Big Bib and BBQ Heaven ace them! On the other hand, Hull’s Concessions fail in every angle. Bad/stale oil smell and taste, greasy, and dry. I barely ate this defective leg and had to throw it away.  Okie dokie… Nuff said about turkey legs, how about them corndogs? I know you can’t go wrong with Fletcher’s but honestly, I have not found any bad corndogs in fairs. I also found that I can make a badass ones (Hehe…) Thanks to Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) with her delicious and easy to follow recipe!


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