An awkward moment is when you decided to create a blog but you have no idea what to write. I guess I could start with introducing myself. That’s what everybody does, right? My name is Dyenie Efendi. Wait the minute, D-what!? I know I know… You’re not the only one who give me that “huh” look. Back in my good ol’ college days, almost all of my professors would pause for a second when they’re calling my name during attendance check. I knew it was mine. Let me break it down for you, Dyenie, it sounds like a letter “D” and a girl name “Annie”, D-Annie, but without a pause in between. Got it!? Efendi, this one is pretty easy, just like how it spells, E-Fendi, Fendi like an-outrageous expensive brand. Yeah, I wish I was somehow, just somehow, related to the brand. E-Fendi. Phew, that’s quite a journey to learn how to spell my weird name. What if I tell you I also goes by Bonnie. Would it be better? Yes Bonnie, Bonnie and Clyde, “my Bonnie is over the ocean” song. NO, Bonnie is not my English name. It’s my nickname that was created by my family ages ago, who knows maybe even they can’t even pronounced my name correctly. Nuf’ said about my name…. I was born and raised until I was 17 in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am 100% Chinese but to be honest with you, I have no idea about the whole sha-bang history how us Chinese ended up in Indonesia. All I know is my family is not the only Chinese in Indonesia and my grandparents are from Szen Chen, China. I recently live in a small city named Wack-o, I mean, Waco, Texas with THE man of my dream and our furry daughter named Tofu, yes Tofu. Waco is located right in between Dallas and Austin. This blog is dedicated to my love of food. Either food I cook or food I buy. I have a serious relationship with food. I heart food. I live to eat. Food… Food… Food…


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