Honey Butter Bread


Since I landed my eyes on a picture of Honey Butter Bread (HBB) I fell in love and really wanted to try it. I finally had my chance…. My dream comes true, well one of my dreams. I have a list of food I want to try, hey this is actually a good topic to be blog 🙂 Anyway, let’s go back to the goodness of Honey Butter Bread at Caffe Bene. At Caffe Bene, there’s four kinds of HBB: Caramel & Cinnamon (on picture), Cheese & Strawberry, Banana & Walnut, and Garlic & Cheese. All of these are sounded so good but you know which one is my dream dessert. $7.95 + tax and 8 minutes later… My buzzer was buzzing while I was busy taking pictures with my sister and my best friend. As I picked up the order, I was so excited, my heart raced so ready to taste it. But of course, we took a few minutes to take pictures of this beauty. Be prepare to use fork and knife since the bread is at least 2 inches thick. Mmmm… Slightly crispy on the edge, soft pillowy and warm inside with perfect whipped cream and drizzled caramel. I wish they have a decaffeinated hot green tea. Caffeine and I are not best friend after 6 P.M.